Fun Facts About Connemara Ponies

The Connemara pony comes from Ireland. The Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society set the typical standards for what qualifies a horse as a Connemara.

It is best known as a sporting horse, well-known for jumping, dressage, and eventing. The Connemara is also known for having the stamina to compete in longer races.

Famous Connemara ponies

There are three well known famous Connemara ponies; Erin Go Bragh, Stroller and Nugget.

Erin Go Bragh

This horse was above average in size for the Connemara breed, but still done very well in his career. Along with being extremely successful in his sporting life Erin Go Bragh also fathered over 200 foals.

He also had an acting career and appeared in the movie The Little Horse That Could. Erin Go Bragh sadly passed away four years ago.


Although not the largest of his breed Stroller managed to compete against larger horses and performed really well while doing so.

He won a silver medal at the Olympics held in Mexico City in 1968 while being ridden by Marion Coakes. He passed away at age 36 after retiring at age 21.


Nugget was very well-known for his amazing jumping skills. He was still performing years after most horses retire and at age 22 he managed to jump over 7 foot making the record at the time. He became a legend in the Connemara world and went on to win another 300 medals after his famous jump at age 22.

As you can see the Connemara are an athletic breed who were born to win. They are tall and strong with muscular builds and are made to jump to impressive heights, whilst also being confident at running long distance.

History of The Connemara Pony

The beautiful Connemara ponies that you can see at our ranch did not start their heritage in Colorado! Indeed, the lineage of our ponies goes back to the Connemara region of western Ireland. This region is harsh and the people who lived there needed a breed that could stand up to the harsh conditions. Thus, the hardy and versatile Connemara pony was bred.

The exact makeup of the Connemara is not clear but there are suspicions that the original Connemara ponies had Arabian blood added to the line.

Here is some additional basic information about our favorite breed:

  • Connemaras should be around 128cm to 148cm when fully grown. They should also not exceed the height of 14.2hh. None of our ponies have ever exceeded the maximum height.
  • They need monthly prevenative to stay free of variuos diseases and parasites. Unlike dogs, where you can simply give a heartgard 12 months dose and move on, you have to really stay on top of it with Connermaras.
  • They can come in a variety of colors including Grey, Black, Bay, Brown and Chestnut. Various combinations between these colors exsist as well.
  • Often missed is the fact that the Connermara Pony head should have a short profile. This should be accompanied by a broad forehead.
  • The body of our ponies is exceptionally deep with a strong thick back and shoulders that show an exceptional slope.
  • Forearms should be longer than most ponies or horses and elbows should be fully liberated.